interview questions and answers

interview questions and answers
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interview questions and answers 

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ये वो सारे इंटरव्यू से रिलेटेड questions है जो हर स्टूडेंट्स के मन में होता है की , interviewer इंटरव्यू में क्या question पूछेगा, मै किन किन question की तयारी करू, और किसकी नाइ, तो में ये आर्टिकल से आपकी प्रॉब्लम को कुछ हद्द तक सोल्वे  करने की कोसिस करूँगा..


Aaj mai aaplogo ko jin questins ke bare me bataunga vo lagbbhag sare interview me puche jate han..

What i Do before Job Interview ? How to prepare for Interview ?

Jab v Interivew aata hai to aap log pareshan ho jate han ki Interview ki tayari ab kaise ki jaye.. to chaliye suru karte han..

 interview questions and answers

  • sabse pahle, jis v company ki interivew ke liye aapko jana hai, vo company ki bare me google me seach kare, google pe vo company ka name likhe aur last me wikipedia likh kar search kare , jo v Result google pahle dikhayega use open kare, aur pahle ek Copy aur pen pakre aur Us par lihte jaye Point bana kar, company kab establish (bana ) hua, uska kam kya kya hai, vo kya kya banata hai, uska main branch kanha kanha hai, uska monthly Turn over kya hai, ye sab se ek question jarur hoga.. vo mai aapko aage bataunga
  • ab aap search kare.. company name aur interview question, bahut se bande asie han jo interview ke bad google par interview question upload kar dete han, to aapko bas search karna hai ki, jaise ABC COMPANY INTERVIEW QUESTIONS… ise aapko samjhe me aashani hogi ki vo company ki basic question kya hai…
  • Apna CV, RESUME, BIO-DATA inme se aapko jo v le jana hai, usko ache se banaye, ager ho sake to kisi ase person se banwaye jis iske bare me Pata ho.. aur Apne Resume me Koi v Jhut baat na likhe
  • apne dress, shoes, hair style par dhayan de, aur apna dress Formal me jaye, ager aap male hai to shirt and paint and black shoe, aur ager aap Femal hai aur Unmarried hai to Salwar suit aur 1-2 inch ki sandal pahne, sandal 2 inch se jada na ho, aur ager aap married hai to Saree aapke liye best option hai, aap kisi v type ki sandal pahn sakti ho… READ MORE.. Click On Me 
interview questions and answers

interview questions and answers


Common Interview Question for Job Interview

  1. Introduce yourself ?
  2. why should we hire You ?
  3. what are your weakness?
  4. what are your Strength?
  5. How do you evaluate Success ?


interview questions and answers :

  1. Introduce Yourself ?

ans :-  first Tell your Name then your father name and then your place then your education

2. Why should we hire you ?

ans :-  a) Sir, I am focused person who likes to overcome challenges

b) i m Team leader with good knowledge on ( told your fav sub)

3. What are your Weakness ?

ans: dont tell lie, say truth

4. What are your Streanth ?

ans :- team player, cleaver, Imaginative loyal

5. How do you evaluate Success ?

ans :- a) Success for me is when i will be contribute back to my family

b) and contribute my knowledge to someone

6. Are you a team player ?

ans :-  a)  Yes, i am Strongly a team Player

b) Sir, I belive that team can always have better decison than individuals, so i prefer to work with team

7. What is your Salary expectation ?

ans :- Sir, i am Fresher and a not thinking about salary, as y skill or knowledge or work dedication you decide my salary.

8. Do you Consider Yourself Successful person ?

ans:- Sir, Recently last year I completed my graducatio or Pg, am looking for my Job, i dont know about that ( be honest )

9.  Would you like to take Homework with you ?

ans :- sir, situation Metter , I dont like to take, any home work with me but if it is emergency and neccessary and it is important to complete that work then i will take

10). How do you handle pressure at work?

ans :-  Little freak into work and taking coffee


Questions for an interview

Some other Questions for an interview are :

  1. if you know, your boss is 100% wrong, how would you handle it?
  2. what do you think about money?
  3. What are your Expetation from this job?
  4. Describe Your work style ?
  5. why should we hire you ?

Behavioural interview questions 

  1. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
  2. can you work under Pressure? describe?
  3. what do you want from this job?
  4. Are you willing to relocate or travel?
  5. any Question if you want to ask ?


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aap logo ne aaj jana ki

interview questions and answers

Ager aap inme se kisi v question ka answer aapko samjh nai aa raha ki kya hoga aur uski tayari kaise kare to aap niche commet me vo question likhiye, aapko uska ans diya jayega,..

Aaj ke liye inta hi, hamara ye post padhna na bhule – Interview ki tayari kaise kare?aur interview se juri hui aur jankari ke jure hue rahiye hamare sath…


Thanks you Dosto, ager aapke man me koi sawal hai yea koi jankari jo aap dena chahte han to aap niche comment box me likh sakte han…  Apki puri Madad ki jayegi..

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August 13, 2017

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