Tips for SEO content writing | seo blog article writing tips

Tip for SEO content writing 2018

Many bloggers don’t know that how to write a blog or Seo content writing. Today I going to give you some tips for SEO content writing, seo blog article writing tips. Today’s class I will teach you how to write SEO friendly blog article writing tips, so friend read the full article don’t miss anything, So,  I will suggest you do all thing for your Blog and For your blog’s article writing.

Before we start, let’s talk about What is SEO search engine optimization. Before I already talked about Seo search engine optimization So, you can write those articles for full details, but here I will also discuss the little bit about SEO search engine optimization.

What is SEO?

SEO means Search engine optimization, When you do SEO for your website then your website will Rank in Google very fast. That means your website article will show the first page on google. So we need to Do SEO, and when we write articles then we follow SEO rule. So, If you don’t have an idea about Seo then you must also read about SEO and SEO Tools 2018. Let’s us start today’s Topic.

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Tips for SEO content writing | SEO blog article writing tips

Whenever we create any blog then we think that your article or our web content will show on google the first page. But it doesn’t happen only because we don’t know how to write articles, which rule we need to follow for good Seo until we do not use Seo our Website and our Articles will not rank in google.

Tip for SEO content writing 2018

Tips for SEO content writing 2018

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SEO blog article writing tips

1. Keyword research

2. On-page SEO

3. Internal Link building

4. Creating Backlinks

5. Social Sharing.

Tips for SEO content writing.

seo blog article writing tips

SEO blog article writing tips

1. Keyword Research

what is Keyword Research? You don’t know? don’t worry I m here to tell you. Before start writing, we need to set our Content Heading. Choosing the best title for our content is called Keyword Research. because your article keyword is also very important for Your articles.

2. On-Page SEO

Until you don’t read about SEO search engine optimization I can’t understand you fully so read those. On-page SEO that means there are many things to do. When you are writing your articles some are:-

a. Use your content title in H2

b. Repeat your article title minimum of 5 times

c. use bold, italic, h3, h4

d. Use image in your articles

3. Internal Link building

Internal link building means when you write your content then you need to do some hrf means you need to attach your other pages like read this, you can also read this so, Internal linking is also Tip for SEO content writing.

4. what are backlinks

backlings means your website or your new articles link on your other website. After creating a new article you need to do that copy your article URL and past other website’s comment box. This is called Backlings.

5. Social share.

Social share is also important your website because when you share your new article in facebook, twitter and WhatsApp then your friends will come and read your article So, you got a visitors for your blog post. Finally, you need to share your website as much as possible. Because your sharing will get more visitors then it will help Google to rank your website as soon as possible.

Final words.

I told you many things about Tip for SEO content writing or SEO blog article writing tips. So, I hope this will help you to better understand Seo content writing. So, guys, you follow all SEO content writing rule for your website, because Seo is very important for any website.